Meditation and 12 Steps to Innovate for Recovering Humans

Learn the 11th Step Basics

You don't have to wait until you work all the steps before beginning to practice 11th Step Meditation

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11th Step Approach to each Step

Discover an 11th Step Meditation approach to each of the step and a guided meditation to accompany it.

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Explore Meditation Methods

The actual experience of meditation & prayer across the centuries is, of course, immense.

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Stay Tuned for upcoming 11th Step Med...

Stay Tuned for upcoming 11th Step Meditation Blog posts

Our first blog post is coming very soon.  We just updated the entire site to a new format with the previous content.  This new site will allow more interaction with you our 11th Step Meditation through social media and comment conversations on the blogs and web content pages.  

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Work the 1st Step in Mediation

Step Two in Meditation

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