11th Step Meditation Course

Glad you found us!  There are several ways to navigate this course.  There is not need to sign up or register for the class.  It is being offered from fun, for free and for us to travel the path of spiritual awakening together.

This is a quick link guide to allow easily navigate through each lesson listed below, or jump around through the different lessons as you wish.

11th Step Meditation Course – Overview of the course, what to expect and how to get started.

Introduction to this 11th Step Meditation Class

Lets Start with a Meditation – we begin with a quick meditation to help give us a baseline of our current meditation skills and techniques.

Why Meditate? – understand the value of meditation, what our program literature states, and how we can work to develop the motivation and attitudes to build a successful 11th Step Meditation practice.

Why we use outside sources – The Big Book and the 12 & 12 both suggest that we should explore outside the program resources to expand our understanding of prayer and meditation.

What is Meditation – we review some current ideas of what meditation is, what strategy to use in our relationship to our higher power in meditation, and a several basic techniques that we can use in our 11th Step Meditation practice

Step One in Meditation – We can actually “work Step 1” every time we meditate to relax and let go of unmanageable thoughts and emotions.

Step Two – Restore me to Sanity – What is the insanity that I am recovering from?  It is not just doing crazy things. How will meditation help restore me to sanity?

Step Two – A Power Greater than Ourselves – In recovery we learn that we are powerless.  I am no longer able to force things to happen.  I need some power, some source to help my healing journey.

Step Two – Came to Believe – The first phrase of Step Two symbolizes the beginning of a journey, a discovery of our relationship with ourselves and the rest of the world.  We can use intentions in meditation to help us in our journey be act as if and come to believe.