Meditation and 12 Steps to Innovate for Recovering Humans

Outside Sources

Why we use outside sources of information in learning about 11th Step Meditation.

In this course we will be bringing information and perspectives from outside sources.  The Big Book and the 12 & 12 both suggest that we should explore outside the program resources to expand our understanding of prayer and meditation.  To my knowledge this is the only step in which our literature make this suggestion.

Here are quotes from our literature that encourage us to seek guidance from our traditional religions on mediation. We encourage you to study the different practices that have been developed over the ages by great spiritual teachers.

We suggest that you read, learn, explore and try the practices that call to your heart.

“The actual experience of meditation and prayer across the centuries is, of course, immense.  The world’s libraries and  places of worship are a treasure rove for all seekers.”  Page 98, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

“Well, we might start like this. first let’s look at a really good prayer. we won’t have far to seek; the great men and women of all religions left us a wonderful supply.” page 99 Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

“Meditation is something which carries, neither of width or height. Aided by such instruction and example as we can find, it is essentially an individual adventure, something which each one of us works out in his own way.  But it’s object is always to the same; to improve our conscious contact with God, with his grace, wisdom, and love.” page 101, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

“It is hoped that every A.A. who has a religious connection which emphasizes meditation will return to the practice and devotion as never before.” page 101, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

“There are many helpful books also. Suggestions about these may be obtained from one’s priest, minister, or rabbi. Be quick to see where religious people are right. Make use of what they offer. “ page 87, Big Book

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