Meditation and 12 Steps to Innovate for Recovering Humans

Spiritual Science

Science, Modern Spirtual Masters, the Medical Community, and the New Packaging of Ancient Practices

Meditation Cover of Time Magazine

Meditation Cover of Time Magazine

Meditation Cover of Time Magazine[/caption]spirituality has truly moved into the mainstream in our world. Several years ago meditation was featured on the front cover of Time. Doctors and scientists are rapidly joining the ranks of the mystics and religious teachers singing the praises and benefits of this ancient seemingly mysterious practice.

It is almost as if our Higher Power has launched a marketing campaign to increase our inner spiritual growth, connectiveness, and transformation, while at the same time working to heal our world.

Alcohlics Anonymous certainly has been a leader in the spiritual, self-help movement. Today it is time to help increase the awareness, education and practice of meditation within all recovery communities. We are presenting just a few of the today’s contemporary spiritual teachers, from all segments of society, to provide a wide range of information and meditation practices to appeal to everyone’s concept of Higher Power, perceptions and space we find ourselves.

One of the recent shifts happened with the arrival of the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know!?™" This provided just a glimpse of the realm of possiblities, what science is learning about us, our world and our relationship with reality as we understand it.

If you are curious, we urge to to become a Spiritual Explorer, meditate, read, learn about yourself and the world of science, spirit, and the infinite.

This is truly exciting time to be on a spiritual journey and we encourage you to look for the similarities in the new contemporay meditation practices and tools, the new science and medical data that is coming out and, and the traditional practices.

Have fun on the journey!