Meditation and 12 Steps to Innovate for Recovering Humans

About 11th Step Meditation

Emotional Stability – Serenity – Improved Health – Quality Sobriety

Take the 1st Step Towards Eleventh Step Meditation

The First Step of Alcoholics Anonymous states: “Admitted we were powerless over alcohol, and that our lives had become unmanageable.” The Eleventh Step of Alcoholics Anonymous states: “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.”

In learning meditation, the first SpiritStep is to “Admit that we are powerless over our thoughts and emotions and that they are unmanageable.” How can we overcome this?

The SpiritStep objective is to develop an understanding of the 11th step from Alcoholics Anonymous, learn to apply it, from the very 1st step, and to teach easy and understandable methods of meditation as a tool for recovery and overcoming any life situation.

Relax, observe and let go of unmanageable thoughts, emotions, and physical habits.

SpiritStep lessons are designed to:

(1) teach meditation skills as a practical healing tool that offers significant rewards to impact the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the participants;

(2) present the beginning concepts and guided meditations to help build a spiritual connection and foundation in early recovery;

(3) coincide with each of the Twelve Steps as presented by Alcoholics Anonymous; and

(4) give two 15-20 minute guided meditations that relate to the Step, and suggest out of class exercises and information about how these relate to each step and the recovery process.

The CDs in the SpiritStep series offer meditation techniques, guided meditations, and a discussion of how learning to meditate aligns with the 12 Step concepts and practices to enhance your sobriety.

Whether you are a newcomer, an old timer, in-between or associated with other 12 Step programs this will be a wonderful addition to your program and spiritual life.

A Message From The CD’s Creator

Hi, my name is Randy and I’m an alcoholic.

I have discovered the great benefits of working the steps in conjunction with a practice of meditation through my own struggle to achieve sobriety, and, serenity within sobriety, and hope that this will help others to identify with my message, and allow me to effectively communicate and teach the concepts and the practice of meditation.

The SpiritStep approach was developed through the teaching of 12 Step meditation workshops in our local jail, hospital and recovery homes. We can teach people in recovery, and all 12 Step related groups how to meditate using the language and concepts of recovery.

The SpiritStep CDs are an effective tool for recovery counselors to use in your groups to help introduce a spiritual practice of meditation early in sobriety.

It is our hope to offer these SpiritStep lessons on CD for members of all 12 step recovery programs and organizations as a tool for the recovery community, residents and outpatients and institutions to help bring an inner journey of sobriety through meditation to a larger audience. This is our 12th step mission.